Tao Sign Motion Graphic symbolizing the correlations shared between Magnesium Oil and Chi

Need Extra Energy? Try Magnesium Oil it’s like Liquid Chi!

Yes, it is dangerous. The analogy between magnesium and chi is on the far side convention. The medical industry and scientists may scoff at concepts like Chi or Prana, but doing so not only ignores thousands of years of experience but also the most basic premise of the quantum age, that all things are essentially energy.

Traditionally, we associate Chi with inner power, breath, and circulation. Yet, Chi is also the “power that can rehabilitate failing health and recharge the human spirit, arrest illness and keep disease at bay .” Now, doesn’t that sound like magnesium to you?

Do you feel run down, drained and tired? After a solid eight hours of sleep are you still waking up fatigued? Magnesium might be just what you need. With magnesium oil, you’ll feel energized and refreshed.

In fact,Magnesium vital to the generation of life energy? Without magnesium, your body can’t convert food into energy. In biochemistry, the process of turning glucose into power is represented by the acronym, ATP.

ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate, and its importance can’t be understated. It’s the molecular power house that drives each and everything that you do. From the beat of your heart to the firing of neurons every function of our body requires energy.

The magnitude of ATP production in our bodies is stunning. Our cells must generate about half our body weight in ATP every day. A cell uses about a million molecules of ATP that must be replenished every few minutes.”

Silhouette of a woman in a Yoga Assana to emphasize using magnesium oil to replenish our boys after physical fitness.

As our activities increase, our need for ATP intensifies. This is particularly the case when we exercise. During fitness and sports activities our need for cellular energy skyrockets. Each of one our muscles only stores enough ATP for around one second of exercise. So, we have to produce an astounding amount of it on the fly.

Being that magnesium facilitates the synthesis of ATP, its standard burn rate takes a huge leap when we work-out. Even though we are all prone to suffer from magnesium deficiencies, professional athletes are especially susceptible. Research has shown that the lack of magnesium not only affects their performance but can also lead to debilitating pathologies.

Even a modest amount of exercise can burn through your magnesium stores. That’s why it is a good idea to do a magnesium oil rub down after a yoga session, workout or a long run.

So you see, magnesium plays an essential role in the production of your energy. But in the bigger picture, it unlocks your body’s inner power to heal itself. Ultimately this is because magnesium is vital to the proper functioning of every organ in your body and nearly every core biochemical process that sustains your life.