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How to Write an Awesome Review for
Magnesium Oil & Wellness Products

There is nothing more important than your health. So, wouldn’t the most important reviews be the related to healthcare products? Wellness products like Magnesium Oil Extra not only enhance the quality of our lives but can actually save lives.1 The inverse is also true, people deserve to be warned about dangerous healthcare products and services.

In an environment where fake news and false claims have led to a complete collapse of trust, your word, your story matters more than ever. We live in an upside down world and have to look out for each other.

The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, it’s not in the business of healing people. The pharmaceutical industry makes money from illness and disease. It’s been known to suppress healthy alternatives to push toxic medicines. Addiction might destroy lives, but it increases the industrial bottom line. So, wouldn’t you agree that your word, sharing your experience, can help make the difference between someone’s life or death?

Even though your first-hand experience is considered antidotal evidence, it stacks up just fine against unbalanced research, riddled with conflicts of interests. It has never been more important for you to speak up and leave a compelling review. I’m not just talking about here at the Magnesia Apothecary, give your feedback across the board whenever you can make a difference.

These days it is not only important to share your story and write it clearly but to post it in the right place, where it will have the greatest impact. You don’t just want to leave a review, now do you? Wouldn’t you want it to stand out and rise above the noise?

You don’t have to be Ernest Hemingway to pen a review. If you are not used to putting your thoughts down on the page, don’t worry; I’ll share some review writing tips below.

Magnesia Apothecary doesn’t have distributors in America yet. So, review sites like Yelp wouldn’t help. At present, you can either leave your review on our Magnesium Oil Facebook Page or directly on its product page, here on our website.

Where to Leave Your Product Reviews

How to Leave a Product Review on Facebook

Facebook Icon for Facebook Page Prodcut Reviews

Even though, leaving a review on Facebook is meant to be straightforward some folks still get confused. One tech-savvy reviewer, who knows his way around Facebook, ended up posting his review in the wrong place. He posted it as a page comment instead of as a review. Anybody can make a mistake. So, I’ve put together a mini-tutorial to make it easy for you to leave a Facebook Review.

How to Leave a Product Review Right Here

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If you’re not into Facebook, no problem. You can leave a review on our website. It won’t get as much exposure, but it might do something more important. It could help dispel the initial doubts and concerns that people should entertain. It should be pretty self-explanatory, but if you’d like a step by step mini-tutorial to follow, just click on the button below.

Creative Writing Tips for Product Reviews

Your review not only impacts the reputation of a product but is also a reflection of your character? I’m not talking about your writing skill. Most people don’t care if your grammar is perfect or not. They don’t care if a few pesky typos slipped by you. The only thing that most of us care about is the integrity and the clarity of your story.

You don’t have to be a brilliant writer to leave an awesome review. Ok, what exactly is an awesome review? Wouldn’t you say that a review is awesome when it is able to enhance the lives of others? Isn’t it awesome when someone can learn from your experience?

Isn’t it awesome when someone can learn from your experience?

Review Stars aren’t just pretty, they’re like points of light that guide people towards good decisions.

When a review helps people avoid miserable scams, lock-in traps, and defective products it’s definitely awesome. No one likes getting ripped off. How many times has a review saved you from useless toil and trouble? On a more positive note, an awesome review lets folks know that a product works, that it is what it claims to be.

The Art of Negative Reviews

The greater emotional impact that a product or service has on you, the more likely you are to leave a review. Unfortunately, negative experiences carry the biggest emotional payload. Isn’t it true, that when you suffer through grueling customer service experience, the first thing you want to do is leave a blistering review?

Even though you might feel like screaming at the top of your lungs, you don’t want to lash out with bitter verbosity. A raging rant of a review is not likely to help anyone and often makes you look just as bad as the company. Take some time to cool down.

The best thing that you can do is flip the situation. You know, turn a negative experience into a positive outcome. If you can, let the higher-ups know about the problem. Give them a chance to resolve the issue. If they still fail to address the matter, you should absolutely write up a review to warn people about the company.

Even when you’re leaving a negative review, you still want to be fair and constructive. Do your best to see both sides of the issue. If your review is thoughtful, it won’t only save people from the trouble that you’ve had to go through, it could compel the company to address the issue.

Ready to Write Your Review?

Image of a Quill Silhouette for Writing Creative Product Reviews

Writing a review for magnesium oil, or for other healthcare products and services, isn’t like writing a book review. Mainly, because you review can have a significant bearing on the health and well-being of your audience.

Some of you may want to write up an essay style review like Gerard Newell’s Featured Testimonial. Yet, it might only take you a few paragraphs, to sum up, your experience.

Let’s say a friend was asking you about Magnesium Oil Extra. What would be the first thing you’d tell her? Wouldn’t you tell her what you use it for or maybe how you discovered it? Putting it into context helps your reader to relate to your experience.

Here’s a review example from my own experience:

“You know, I enjoy working in the garden. But, every time I finished pulling weeds, my hands locked up with severe cramps. They didn’t just hurt, my hands looked like misshapen claws. It reminded me of my great grandmother’s hands. She had a terrible case of arthritis.

I though my age was catching up with me. Can you imagine my relief, when I was to discover that spraying Magnesium Oil Extra on my hands took my cramps away?

It gets even better! You see, I read up on magnesium deficiency and started using it several times a day to raise my magnesium levels. After a few months, I must have replenished my system because I no longer get cramps.”

That’s my story, but it’s not complete. Did you notice how much I left a lot out of the narrative? I was speaking to a friend, so I didn’t need to introduce myself. But also didn’t tell you how I discovered magnesium oil in the first place or how I got involved with the Magnesium Apothecary. I’ll share that with you on the upcoming, About Us Page.

You don’t want to be too wordy, but you don’t want to leave out relevant information either. Right, and how do you expect me to do that? I’m not a writer. It’s easy to cover all the salient points if you follow the path of seven questions.

5 Magic Questions for Reviews

They might be like magic, but these questions aren’t hocus pocus. At the very least, they’ll help you put your thoughts in order. Yet, most of you will discover that by jotting down your answers and adding a little structure, you’ll end up with a decent draft.

1) Who are you?
Introducing yourself not only increases your credibility but also helps readers relate to you as a person. If you’re in medicine, alternative healthcare or have other relevant qualifications be sure to mention them.

2) Why are you using magnesium oil extra?
You’re not the only one whose had a bad back, stiff joints, cramps or the like. Sharing some of the relevant information about your condition will help you connect with readers who have similar afflictions. Even if, you are using magnesium oil extra to replenish your magnesium levels let people know why.

3) How has Magnesium Oil Extra helped you?
This question builds on the previous one. Now that readers know why you’re using magnesium oil extra tell them exactly how it’s helped you. The more specific you are, the better it is. For example: let them know if it completely alleviated your headaches or if it reduced their intensity. Pain is usually measured on a scale between 1 and 10. So, if your migraines went from an extremely painful, 10, to a mildly uncomfortable 1, then magnesium oil extra relieved 90% of your pain.

4) How long did it take before you started seeing results with Magnesium Oil Extra?
This question only relevant if you are using Magnesium Oil Extra therapeutically. If you’re only using it as an analgesic on an ad hock basis then just skip this question. Otherwise, be as informative as you can. For example: after using magnesium oil extra four times a day for two months I stopped getting cramps and trembling muscle spasms.

5) How would you summarize your experience of Magnesium Oil Extra?
Your answer here is a personal note that neatly sums up your experience with the reader. What stands out the most in your mind about magnesium oil extra? Did it surprise you? Are you satisfied with it? Perhaps, you learned something that you’d like to share. Go for it! This is where you can bring your story to a moving close.

Putting it all Together

Now that you have your answers. Make them easy to read. Give them some structure and smooth out the text so that it flows. However, if you are still at a loss, then head over to WikiHow’s – How to Write a Review. Their illustrated step by step review writing guide is comprehensive and fun to follow.

Once you’re satisfied with your review, and it has some rhythm, energy and maybe even some pizzazz, then you’re almost ready to post it. The last thing to do is to check your final draft for spelling, grammar errors, and typos.

Don’t worry. You won’t have to rack your brain to edit like a pro. Just run your review through an online grammar checker. I use Grammarly. You don’t need a subscription because the free version will suffice. It not only points out your mistakes but shows you how to correct them.

I hope that this has been helpful, and very mush look forward to reading your Magnesium Oil Extra Review.

Notes and References

1) “According to a recent report by WHO, 17.3 million deaths occurred due to (cardiovascular disease) CVD in 2008, and this figure will rise to 23.6 million by 2030 [71]. Given that the mortality for total CVD events is 1 in 5, a 15% reduction in the rate of CVD by increasing dietary magnesium intake throughout the population could avert 1–2.5 million deaths from CVD each year [72].”
SOURCE: Qu X, Jin F, Hao Y, Li H, Tang T, et al. (2013) Magnesium and the Risk of Cardiovascular Events: A Meta-Analysis of Prospective Cohort Studies. PLoS ONE 8(3): e57720. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0057720

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