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You can hardly believe anything these days. In a world filled with misinformation, propaganda and preposterous claims, how can you know what to trust? Testimonials and product reviews certainly help. But, they aren’t fool proof, because testimonials and reviews can be fudged. But, like a padded bill, if look close enough you’ll be able to spot the fakes.

Photo Composition of Gerard Newell for his Magnesium Oil Extra Testimonial

Gerard Newell

Founder of Action Hire Australia

Featured Magnesium Oil Extra Testimonial
by a hard headed, natural born skeptic

My name is Gerard Newell. I’m an Australian man in my mid-fifties, living the dream in Bali, Indonesia. I’m relatively fit and lead a fairly active lifestyle, but that didn’t help. I still ended up bent over in pain after a hard day of moving earth.

My neighbor, a mate of mine, saw my suffering and gave me a bottle of Magnesium Oil Extra. I looked at it thinking yeah right and put it on my desk. He swears by the stuff, but I wasn’t convinced.

I hate to admit it, but I’m one those hard headed cynical individuals, who often ends up being his own worst enemy. No matter what it is, mainstream meds or natural cure, my knee jerk reaction is to resist. It’s a bad habit, but I man up until it is nearly too late; until I’m screaming like a baby.

A few weeks later, I trimming a coconut tree with my chainsaw and the worst thing happened: the ladder broke! I was able to walk away. Well, I limped away. My ankle was out of wack, throbbing with pain and severely sprained. I still considered myself lucky though, because things could have been much worse.

The next day I woke up in agony and could barely walk. My ankle was swollen black and blue and hurt like hell. I was so desperate that I ended up popping paracetamol. That’s when I saw the bottle of Magnesium Oil sitting on my desk. It couldn’t hurt. So, I gave it a try and sprayed it on my aching ankle.

I couldn’t believe it! The cynic in me didn’t want to believe it, but a few minutes after spraying it on, I began hobbling around, with nearly no pain at all. To me, it felt almost like a miracle.

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Scott Rasmussen Portait for his Magnesium Oil Extra Testimonial Review

Anecdotally speaking with regard to the Magnesium Oil… I’ve had a carpal tunnel syndrome like affliction in my hand for the past 2-3 years. For lack of an official diagnosis I will call it that, but it seems to be a pinched nerve or something along those lines.

Nothing has given any kind of relief, not painkillers, not massage, not exercise, nothing. It’s been quite painful and debilitating.

I’ve been supplementing with many herbs, vitamins and minerals that have me feeling incredibly healthy… and I have been taking fairly high doses of oral Magnesium in various forms, (none of which gave me diarrhea by the way).

But after 2 weeks of using the Magnesium Oil Extra 2-3 times a day I have about 80% reduction in the pain… I think its on its way out finally ! Good stuff!

Picture Portrait of Peter Durkin for his Magnesium Oil Extra Review

I’ve had a deteriorating hip and lower spine condition for some years now.

The pain has progressively grown worse, as has my limp and loss of sleep. It got to the point where I could barely sit up straight without gritting my teeth.

My search for relief led me to Magnesium Oil Extra. It didn’t alleviate my pain entirely, but it did help to reduce it to a manageable level.

Besides a super quick, free delivery to my home in Nusa Dua, Bali, I was blessed to receive online usage tips along with some exercise coaching.

You will love the stuff. It is Brilliant!!! 5 stars***** from me!

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We care so much, that we’ve spared no expense to bring you the best product we possibly could at an affordable price. In fact, Magnesium Oil Extra is likely to be the most effective transdermal magnesium oil on the market today. But, no one is perfect!

While we have unwavering confidence in the effectiveness of Magnesium Oil Extra, things can still go wrong. Shipping for instance.

One of my recent online purchases ended up on the wrong plane. So, a 24-hour delivery took over two weeks to arrive. I can’t blame the vendor, they use the same shipping company that we do, which is arguably the best in Indonesia.

Our website, Magnesium Health Care Dot Com, isn’t slick and shiny. It’s still in its infancy. The site is also a bit thin on content. Medical research takes more time than most people would imagine. So, we’d rather be slow and cautious, than publish something prematurely.

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